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Just so you guys know, I’m still here! I got working on couple of other projects (including some stuff at my main site SmilingGardener.com), but I’m still around, and I’ll be back posting here at some point :)

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A Simple 30 Second Habit To Start Your Day Feeling Happy

Me at the piano

It’s Christmas Eve morning.

I just woke up, at my parents’ house, grateful to be here with family for the holidays.

Recently I wrote about how going for a walk can make you feel less anxious and more happy.

And there’s another little habit I’ve recently reinstated by habit partnering that also helps me feel happier and takes less than 30 seconds each day.

It’s really simple, too:

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So You’ve Got Nutrition And Exercise Covered, But How’s Your Mind?

My meditation table

I put one of those red pillows on the table and do this practice there.

The practice I’ll be talking about today has been shown to have all kinds of wonderful mental and physical benefits.

I’m not even gonna start a list here – it would be too long.

I guess what attracts me is the mental side – calming my mind, relieving anxiety, making me feel happier and moving my thoughts to be more positive.

Could you use a little of that in your life?

As you may have guessed if you had read my last post on forming habits, the practice is:

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How I Was Finally Able To Form A Difficult Habit

Phil in a pot

Phil in a pot.

Last week I shared the healthy hot drink I make every morning after my daily walk (walk through the snow these days).

There’s another little step in there that I thought would be worthwhile to share.

In fact, it was quite an epiphany for me when I recently figured this out.

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How To Grow Your Very Own Organic, Nutrient-Dense Sprouts (Easy!)

Sprout Master container

Here are some clover sprouts in the ‘Sprout Master’.

I shot the sprouting video down below last Christmas for use in my online organic gardening course.

I’m sharing it with you today because it’s an especially awesome time of year to begin sprouting, since many of us don’t have fresh, organic greens coming from the garden or farmer’s market anymore.

But let’s start with how horribly I used to eat – pancakes from a box, TV dinners, Mcdonald’s hamburgers, Wendy’s hamburgers, let’s just say basically any kind of hamburgers (this was before I went veg, although that wasn’t for health reasons), white pasta with plain, pasteurized (dead) tomato sauce, I could go on all day.

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Is Walking A Useless Form Of Exercise?

On My Morning Walk

The ground was white on my morning walk today.

I smiled and said hello to an old man shoveling the sidewalk in front of his house – it made me happy and I think it made him happy, too.

I go for a walk every day.

If your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, there are more important things to focus on than walking.

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What I Drink Every Morning Instead Of Coffee*

*Not that coffee is inherently bad, by the way – it can be beneficial for some people and not-so-beneficial for others. I just decided not to bother picking it up as a habit.

Morning Drink

Can you guess what these are?

Every morning:

  • I hop out of bed,
  • head outside for a walk around the block,
  • take a photo of something interesting,
  • come back home,
  • and do my best to create something to inspire you to take the next small step to boost your health and well-being.

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Why I Was Scared To Start This Website

Change Is Scary

Guess my neighbors thought it was worthwhile to leave this Hallowe’en sign up for the Christmas season.

I cried after my first day in high school, and again after my second day.

Don’t you find that starting something new can be scary?

E.g. I began working on this website in September and I thought I would have something up in October, but it’s taken me until December to finally let you know about it.

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Okay, I’m Not Ready, But I’m Sharing My New Website With You Anyway

My New Website

I took this photo on my very important morning walk (more about that down below).

Most gardeners aren’t really thinking much about gardening this time of year.

Which means I usually take a break from SmilingGardener.com and I get a chance to work on other projects.

So since early September, I’ve been planning this new website.

I thought it would take about 1 month for me to figure out exactly what I wanted to put together here, do some research and planning, build the site, start writing, and then share it with you guys.

But it’s been 3 months and I’m still not ready.

I’m not ready because I’m scared to start. I’m scared because… well, I think I’ll save that for tomorrow. The bottom line is it can be scary to make a big commitment…

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About Phil Nauta

My name is Phil Nauta.

Phil Nauta

Last weekend I ate a big piece of chocolate cake.

I almost never eat big pieces of chocolate cake, but I was at a wedding, and I don’t go to weddings very often, so I thought it was cause for a bit of celebration.

And it was a VERY expensive wedding, so I assumed the cake would be VERY good (it wasn’t, but I ate it all anyway).

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